My Story

Hi everyone Jake the Tractor here. I’m going to start at the beginning and  tell you a little bit about me.   First off – I am a bit of a star albeit a muddy one.

I Am Jake the Tractor

 Jake the Tractor

Some see me as a bit of a celebrity and in my own field I guess they are probably right.  Okay so you are maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed at just how good I look. Stay calm, this often happens people seeing me for the first time.  I just view it as another inadvertent case of  ‘mud envy’ Do not worry – in time this should pass.  It takes time to acquire looks like mine and a secret team of ‘little people’ here at Muddytrac Farm on the island of Ireland are the mud stars responsible.


Little People Working at Muddytrac Farm

Secondly you may now have realised  I am a tractor; not just any tractor I have to say.  Before I go any further just make sure you have your tissues ready as this is rather sad …. really sad.  Some years ago I was to be be a Show Tractor for the Northern Ireland Farm Toy and Model Show at Portrush.  I arrived at Muddytrac Farm in County Antrim nice and new with shiny bright paintwork.

Nice New Tractors At Muddytrac Farm

Nice New Tractors At Muddytrac Farm

Like the other tractors arriving that day I was really excited, full of anticipation and with a healthy sense of adventure. I was looking forward to a promising future being treasured by someone somewhere in the World.  After meeting up with a whole lot more  tractors we were invited to become Show Tractors. To become a Show Tractor meant that we had to get all dirtied and muddied just like real working tractors and of course I volunteered. We lined up and went in through the Muddy Tractor Factory.

Entering The Muddy Tractor Factory

Entering The Muddy Tractor Factory

Oh No !

It took a very long time. It was late in the evening when I went through the  Factory where I got covered in mud by the ‘little people’ who work there.  The next day there was an inspection to make sure we were all finished. It was then discovered, oh no ! I had no mirrors or indicators.   That is why, sadly enough I couldn’t be a Show Tractor after all !  I was so upset that I drove off by myself and hid nearby.

 Very Sad Picture - Don't Cry Please.

Very Sad Picture – Don’t Cry Please.

A New Start

Time passed – quite a bit of time until one day when I was feeling really, really sad;  (I mentioned earlier to have your tissues ready) Al the manager at Muddytrac Farm found me hiding out the back. This is where things may start to get a bit strange.  He talked to me.  I know, I know people don’t usually speak to tractors. They might talk to their cats or dogs even plants but not tractors.  I guess he was just sort of inspired when he saw me – totally understandable I think. Anyway I told him the whole story – he was in tears. You know what they say about seeing a grown man cry – it really happened.  I guess he just needed someone to talk to. I told him what had happened.  He was so sad to hear my story and then a funny thing took place.  A cloud moved across the sky in front of the sun and cast a shadow on the wall next to us. It looked just like a trailer. Al jumped up and shouted Eureka !  I must admit that at this stage I was getting a little worried but then Al told me that he had a great idea which just might be a brilliant new way forward for me.  He raced over to his shed and the next thing I heard all this hammering and banging. Shortly after he appeared back with a flatbed trailer which he he had built  advertising boards onto. ‘Jake’ he said ‘you’re going to have yourself a real adventure now’  I was given a new role as ‘Head of Marketing’ for Muddyfarm Models and the Northern Ireland Farm Toy and Model Show.  Now I take my special trailer out and about with me calling in at businesses and events and meeting lots of people. I have to say that girls really seem to have taken a shine to me – guess they just love a muddy tractor !

Girls Love A Muddy Tractor !

Girls Love A Muddy Tractor !

It has certainly been an adventure ever since so keep up to date with me as I go from field to field. Just keep any pressure washers well away and don’t be clean – get muddy !  Jake The Tractor