Like The Look Of These ?

Like The Look of These ?

I wonder if you like the look of these ?  As we step out into 2017 I thought I would show you some of what we get up to here at Muddytrac Farm – ‘probably the World’s only muddy tractor factory.’ On the north coast of Ireland, where tales of the wee folk linger on, it’s best to keep your eyes peeled, as you never know just what you might see. For this is a landscape steeped in myth and magic – where nothing is ever quite what it seems, and where a simple country lane can often reveal something much more exciting…

A Simple Country Lane.

Indeed, if you were to wander down a certain secluded road, you might think nothing of any importance ever happened along it. Concealed along the way however, is a mysterious entranceway where two pillars guard a stony lane flanked by grassy tree-topped embankments. Through the trees, which whisper you onwards into this secret place, a couple of rusty farm buildings come into view – abandoned surely, as there’s no-one to be seen.

Rusty Old Sheds.

Rusty Old Sheds.

As the lane slopes down and twists and turns, the sharp-eyed walker will spot a yard to the right, with a track leading to a large rusty shed, while to the left is a smaller shed with low white walls. This is Muddytrac Farm.

Muddytrac Farm.

Manned by a busy team of little people, Muddytrac Farm is like a Santa’s grotto for tractors and machinery, which are delivered squeaky-clean by lorry every week, but leave nicely muddied. Thought to be the world’s only dedicated muddy tractor production facility, this is the north coast’s best-kept secret, for it’s here that the little people work their magic.  I wonder if you like the look of these ?



Bobcats are taken for a test drive by some of the 'little people'

Conor Tanker


No-one knows quite who these wee folk are, although it’s whispered they could well be descendants of those wily leprechauns who tricked old Darby O’Gill many moons ago. Here, on the Causeway Coast and Glens however, they work hard transforming any type of tractor that’s delivered down the lane.

Once out of the drying shed, the next part of their journey then begins, as the tractors are shipped across the world – to Europe and beyond – as well as throughout Ireland and the UK.



Some people might stumble upon Muddytrac Farm and think that it’s just a disused yard, but for those of us with a sharp eye, well – we know better… That’s a quick snapshot of what the ‘little people’ here at Muddytrac Farm do. Of course I am also a product of Muddytrac Farm although I didn’t get sold off to anyone. Over some time I have enjoyed being ‘the face’ of Muddyfarm Models and spreading the word about Muddytrac Farm and  the Muddyfarm Models range. Did you like the look of these ? If so take a look on to see more of the current range of muddy, dirtied and weathered models available. All prices on the website whether for dirtied or clean models include free UK postage.  Chat soon – your friend  ‘Jake The Tractor’

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